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The History of Oxford United Methodist Church

Historical records disclose that the first church in Oxford was the Oxford Methodist Episcopal, as it was then called. The church was organized in 1834, when residents began meeting in homes, and then in a school.

The first church building, 40 feet by 60 feet, was erected in 1843 on the Washington Street school site. In 1858, the building was moved to near 12 North Washington Street, across from the then existing Oakland Hotel.

In 1960, $80,000 was raised in cash and pledges and the new education unity was built, that now serves as a sanctuary and fellowship hall.

Following a close vote at a charge conference in 1979, the decision was made to tear down the old church building and to temporarily use the fellowship hall for services.

In 1997, after a thorough study, the Building Committee reviewed the options of building a sanctuary at the present Burdick Street site, or to buy the First Baptist Church on Pontiac Street. Since later in that year the option of the First Baptist Church was no longer available, The Building Committee pursued building a new sanctuary in a two-step process. The first step would add a fellowship-classroom space, barrier-free entry, and a tower facade in phase 1, and would flow into the new sanctuary in phase 2.

Throughout our history from 1837 to 2014, we have had 66 pastors serve our congregation. Each has brought his or her unique benefit to us from which a special blessing has come.

We are grateful to all from our past who have given us so great a heritage.

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